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I love exploring different cities above are a few snaps from my winter break to Barcelona. Don’t let the palm trees fool you, it was cold. but that just gave me more of an excuse to sit inside and eat. 


Heyyy Tunblr, i’m back exploring my way through 2014, we are in the coldest toughest months of the year, (Well in the UK we are) But i’m not complaining because I am wrapped up like turkey stuffing at home, got to love annual leave. I havn’t posted much lately as I have been out having fun, but now the festive season has taken it’s toll on my finances, birthdays, Christmas and more birthdays so now is the perfect time to showcase the highs and lows and hopefully that will keep me occupied until payday.

10 Things Not To Say At Work →


I love reading a great article to get you motivated and inspired for the week to come. Today I want to share something I read over at Refinery29 titled, “10 Things Not to Say at Work”.

I really enjoyed reading this article because I noticed a few of the “things not to say at work” are or…

Great advice for 2014

Work, Eat, Play

So I have been living the good life for the last couple of months, flitting from restaurant to restaurant I have eaten some great food, so here is the rundown of this months eateries and some tips that I’ve picked up along the way.

I’ll start in September with Balthazar, Covent Garden where I had am amazing brunch. Restaurants offering breakfasts/brunch are now becoming the norm, which works out very well for people whom like me, who don’t like getting up to early but still want a great breakfast without having to check if there eggs are in date.
We all had eggs Benedict with pancakes and fruit, one of the benefits of a good brunch is that if done properly it will keep you until late afternoon. The service was amazing with advicevon everything from theatre picks to things going on in the city. For those who want to explore Balthazar is smack bang in the middle of Covent Garden which is a great place to people watch with enough close by to keep you entertained. Be advised though, it can get very busy very quickly so book in advance, or if you happen to be in the area, try their bakery next door. 

This place all things included is definitely worth the splurge, not somewhere you’d go every day but definitely a top pick for places to start off your day in central London.

If you’ve been there let me know what you thought? x

My body weight in food….

When Dinner Goes Wrong

A couple of weeks ago I attempted to eat at Oblix at the Shard, unfortunately their last orders were at 10:45 and our booking was for 10:30 so you can guess what happened.
Which is how I ended up all dressed up with nowhere to go with a pretty unimpressed birthday girl. After a quick brainstorm in the car we ended up in Duck and Waffle, luckily for us there weren’t many people waiting to eat at 11:00 at night so we were seated quickly. And so my first Duck and Waffle experience begun, the night time menu is smaller than the regular day menu but the service was excellent so we weren’t complaining. I had the Duck and Waffle, (How could I not?) which combined with a quick glance at day menu was enough to tempt me back.

So it may not have been the Shard but the food was good and the views were amazing, and for a late night snack it’s in a great location.
If you’ve been let me know what you think of Duck and Waffle.

Somehow I’ve already managed to eat away this months pay check in record time, but at least I can show you the evidence. These pics are from Masalazone in Soho, I’m still a bit undecided on the food, everything was nice but no standout dishes I didn’t get to finish my meal as I felt sick; (not food related) so I will definitely go back.

Pining for Paris

Food capital of the world? Paris would definitely be the response on a lot of lips, breakfast, lunch, dinner; there is no denying the French have a way with food. I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t disappoint, from salads to pastries to chocolate, i’m sorry to say that for everyday food the French definitely do it better. Even there McDonalds is better than ours!
Now I’m back in London I’m on a pastry comedown. I’ve been on a quest to find a good boulangerie in London. Paul is probably the most popular French bakery in London but I’m really not sold on them, so I’m continuing the search.

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